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With the belief that the underground music scene should always be a place of safety, mutual support, peace and equality, artists from the Russian underground music scene have united to raise attention and money for those who have suffered from military actions in Ukraine.

We think that everyone has to be heard, and the modern Russian youth has a lot of things to say. We’re glad that despite unprecedented pressure, they decided to come together and speak out to support those whose lives are in danger.

With the support of Malcolm, London based DJ and Global Warming Records founder, and curation of Yssue, previously Moscow-based producer and member of Russian collective Esthetic Joys; this release brings together 22 artists, bands, producers and graphic designers with a broad genre palette and from all over the country.

100% of the sales will be sent directly to War Child’s emergency aid in Ukraine. War Child’s actions are: Supporting refugees in accommodation centers; Providing life-saving emergency psychosocial support and vital protection to vulnerable refugee children; Working with anti-trafficking organizations to prevent refugees from falling into the hands of traffickers; Ensure safeguarding of highly vulnerable children such as those with disabilities; and much more. You can find detailed information about their work and actions here

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