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Jon Beige 'Friendly Surveillance' USB Package

Jon Beige 'Friendly Surveillance' USB Package

10,00 €Prix

Your friendly dealer wants to provide you the good shit, this package includes:
- 1x super cool looking USB stick containing the WAV files + 3 exclusive remixes, an exclusive Beige mixtape, and some secret digital bonus.
- 1x "Friendly Surveillance" limited edition poster, high quality print, designed by Stevie Whisper.
- 1x holographic Global Warming sticker.
- 1x limited edition Jon Beige sticker.

  • About this release :

    Tenebrous frenchman Jon Beige (formerly known as Beige) strikes back with his 3rd release, and once again creates his own genres that we’re going to define here as ghettowave or leftfield-core. Melting high-tech soundscapes, hypnotic synths and broken drums, his heavily synthetic universe spreads into 5 new tracks. Here’s a few words about them, including comments from the producer himself.

    Distortion Naturelle de l’Auto Radio is a straight-in-the-face kind of entrance. This arid and distorted urban jam puts you straight in the heart of Jon Beige’s dystopian Gotham paradise « I often imagine it as a laser tag game that would turn wrong ».

    On Palo Santo, Jon Beige is going dancehall. Using the genre’s symptomatic drum pattern, he navigates between club-friendly and meditative moods in a tensed yet balanced journey. « That’s the track I think is the most finished of the EP, but all the tracks match together in a not-fully-calculated way ».


    Hydrocution is a funk ballad, like a mysterious forest walk surrounded by disturbing but harmless creatures that are taking you to a bright glade, where you will finally stumble into the master of the place. « I often struggle to produce something simple with just a few elements – this track is the first time I succeeded. ».


    Isolat is a smooth and psychedelic sci-fi trip, unexpected and always moving forward « I imagined a little robot lost in a city suburb, wondering what he was doing there. Mood is kinda Spike Jonze’s ‘’Da Funk’’ but with a robot ».


    The EP closes in a very noir scene, heavy rain, melancholia and cold blooded crimes : Déjeuner Sous l’Herbe won’t let you rest in peace. « This track, my oldest on this EP, was made in 2014. I’m still really into the solo in the end ».


    The artwork is designed and imagined by Belgrade-based artist and producer Stevie Whisper, aka the hands behind Yes and Mystic Stylez.


    The record will be released as a ziplock package that includes a USB stick with the WAV files and exclusive club remixes + a limited edition poster + some cool stickers.


    Releasing Jon Beige since his earliest work, Global Warming Records is run by french producer and talent seeker Malcolm, who imagines and shapes each project hand in hand with his artists. Friendly Surveillance will be the label’s 12th release.

    You can preview the EP here

    Produced by Jonathan Evrard
    Designed by Stevie Whisper
    Mixed by Ouai Stéphane
    Mastered by Lopazz
    Curated by Malcolm Mitchell

    Cat. No. GW012 – all rights reserved
    ℗ & © Global Warming Records 2020

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