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Jon Beige

Beige color is hybrid, it spreads over multiple shades, bleak or bright. This ambivalence is tangible in Jonathan Evrard’s work, devourer of all kinds of high-quality music. His musical journey begin in Nice, France, his hometown, and continues in Paris this days, where he’s cooking a music which is intended to be epic and mental, but above all, exciting. 2017 is the year he released his first EP on ; and another track on the « Slow Porn » compilation out on My Favorite Records. He works on a new EP for Global Warming Records at the moment, but this is only the tip of an iceberg. Under the bright night lights, behind the decks, his sleek selection always hits the target. The ride should often take unpredictable detours, alternating between frenetic paces and hypnotic atmospheres. But at the end, every passenger will have reached the point of no return.

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